2020 voice over video demo

2020 voice over video demo

With the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic – like everyone else – work has slowed to snails pace.  Projects on hold.  Postponed.  Abandoned.  There are more important things to worry about:  health, family, washing my hands for the eleventeenth time today,  wearing a scarf like a bandit when I go to the grocery store…

It’s given me a chance to spend some time creating a fresh demo of past projects I’ve enjoyed being involved with.  I’ve noticed more and more voice talent agencies now accepting video demos from talent in addition to the usual audio files.


Even though none of the content in the demo posted here is relevant to the current global pandemic,  I know in years to come when I peek back at past projects, I’ll look at this sizzle reel and remember how scary, surreal and life changing the times are that we’re currently living through.

This too shall pass…


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