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Award-winning Canadian voice over artist/writer/producer/radio host
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Canadian Voice Over Artist.
Writer, Producer.
Radio Personality.

Dug Joy provides voice overs for radio/television branding, commercials, corporate imaging and multimedia content. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Dug is used for military productions with current or historic text and lends his distinctive narrative style to a wide variety of documentaries and instructional applications. A smooth and compelling delivery with confidence and pride.

The Story Behind the Session

Seems like there is never enough time to sit down and cut up a new audio or video demo.

“Damn!  I forgot to get a copy of that spot!”

One of the cardinal sins I always seem to make is forgetting to ask clients if they could shoot me back a copy of the project when it’s been mixed down.  Months go by , and when it’s time to mix down a new sizzle reel, the only one I have to blame is myself.

With the Covid19 pandemic halting work for most of the planet, there is no excuse for not having the time to invest in creating promotional tools for yourself and networking.  With writers, producers and voice talent, it’s a chance to update resumes, seek out new contacts and create new demos.  During these uneasy, isolated times, a new demo is as good as a handshake (and we know how unhealthy that is right now).

Since a handful of my sessions have been for radio commercials, the easiest way to present them visually in a sizzle reel is to simply throw a brand logo in the demo.  I think it works well when you only have ninety seconds to feature your goods.

Check out my latest video demo of voice over work.  Stay safe!  Stay at home!


Dug Joy – Voice Over Professional
Gutsy, Affable, Enduring – a voice that gives your idea an identity