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Award-winning Canadian voice over artist/writer/producer/radio host
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Canadian Voice Over Artist.
Writer, Producer.
Radio Personality.

Dug Joy provides voice overs for radio/television branding, commercials, corporate imaging and multimedia content. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Dug is used for military productions with current or historic text and lends his distinctive narrative style to a wide variety of documentaries and instructional applications. A smooth and compelling delivery with confidence and pride.

New studio coming in 2024!

Me:  “Alexa, disassemble the studio and carefully pack everything.”

Alexa: “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that.”

“In the beginning…”

Twenty three years ago, I set up my first digital recording studio at home in a converted upstairs bedroom. Armed with Cool Edit software (Adobe Audition’s forgotten relative) and a new Pentium II computer, I mounted a microphone in a small closet, hit record and started with the “test-test” “check-check one-two’s” and “In another world….”

Recording take after take, I stepped in and out of the cozy confines to listen to what I had just voiced, striving to replicate the sound I was used to hearing from the pro recording studio at the radio station I worked at.

As I prepare to move my studio to a new home in 2024, I realize that a lot has changed in 23 years – and nothing much has changed.

“I’m older, but things are lighter!”

I’m recycling a 32 inch LED TV/monitor I bought back in the day. What a workout! It’s at least 75lbs and still works fine, but I haven’t used it forever. I should have exercised with it through Covid and gotten ripped! Here’s a photo of my first home studio in 2001.

New demo for 2024 is in the works. Cannot believe this demo is already 4 years old!


Dug Joy – Voice Over Professional
Gutsy, Affable, Enduring – a voice that gives your idea an identity