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Award-winning Canadian voice over artist/writer/producer/radio host
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Canadian Voice Over Artist.
Writer, Producer.
Radio Personality.

Dug Joy provides voice overs for radio/television branding, commercials, corporate imaging and multimedia content. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Dug is used for military productions with current or historic text and lends his distinctive narrative style to a wide variety of documentaries and instructional applications. A smooth and compelling delivery with confidence and pride.

The Story Behind the Session

Have a listen to this YES Winnipeg campaign I voiced. Local businesses that have gone on to have global success. Scripts are gold! Well crafted words. Produced by my good friend Ryan Ghidoni of www.audioactiveadvertising.com. Ryan knew exactly how to build a common theme, yet make all the commercials sound unique. He’s a fantastic director of talent. I love voicing a script that already has a music bed selected for it. Many producers don’t provide a music bed for a voice to talk over. I think that’s a mistake. Once I heard the music Ryan had picked out for this session, I immediately knew the kind of read I wanted to try. We got on a roll with them and knew we were putting something together that was special. During the session, I found out Ryan was a fan of the Scooby Doo “Mystery Machine” van. I ducked out and returned with a nifty toy version for his studio. Hilarious!

Dug Joy – Voice Over Professional
Gutsy, Affable, Enduring – a voice that gives your idea an identity