Audio Production

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The Voice 

Dug Joy Voice Imaging (DJVI) audio services provide “cold read” and fully produced voice over sessions for radio, television, social media, animation, syndicated programming, corporate presentations, eBooks, prerecorded arena and stadium announcements, video games. Are we leaving anything out?

The Production

Dug sifts through an extensive collection of listener drops, television and film clips, artist interviews and instantly recognizable retro content, producing thematic retro radio branding for Classic Hit/Rock formats. Let DJVI audio showcase your music and format like never before. A custom produced demo using your radio brand is as easy as emailing your script to

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  • Listener Theme - 10 second splitters with listener comments that give high praise to your station and encourages your listeners to become engaged with your brand.
  • High Testing Hit Sweepers - 15 second slick imaging id’s that pack your music sweeps with more instantly recognizable high testing music hooks. Hear how this production can make your station sound like it plays more hits per hour than anyone else.
  • Time Capsule Bumpers - 20 second memory triggering sweepers featuring pop culture cuts from tv and film, historic moments and catchphrases. Choose from different decades (1950’s -1990’s) and solidify your demographic with the pop culture they grew up with.
  • Artist ID Sweepers - Each sweeper contains 3 artist id’s back-to-back-to-back or with a quick hook from each of artists memorable hits. An exciting way establish core artists with your listeners.
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Lose the Headphones

Lose the Headphones

Ahh…headphones.  A radio jock’s close control room companion. AKG? Sennheiser? Sony? Audio-Technica? JBL? Koss? Over the years, I’ve used dozens of different headsets.  And just like microphones, they all have

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