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Dug Joy

Voice Actor / Broadcaster / Content Creator

Dug Joy is an award winning Canadian voice over artist/writer/producer/radio host who lives Vancouver, British Columbia.

The passion is discovered:

Dug’s first microphone was an empty toilet paper roll that he used at the age of seven to mimic the high energy presentation of top 40 radio announcers. By age 12, he was already writing and recording his own commercials, categorizing his ‘45 record collection and developing “pie chart” hourly format clocks for radio shows in his basement bedroom.

Radio Radio Radio
At 15, Dug started working part time at his first radio station, eventually hosting music shows for the next 35 years on top rated major market stations across western Canada. Dug’s radio career has allowed him to enjoy interviews and conversations with hundreds of artists and groups that cover the spectrum of rock and pop music including: Aerosmith, John Mayer, Bo Diddley, Nickelback, Stevie Nicks, Lenny Kravitz, Justin Timberlake. Celine Dion. Dug has created and hosted dozens of specialty shows on Triple A, Hot AC, Classic Hit and Classic Rock formats: 70's at 7, The Funk Trunk, The Story Behind the Super Hit, The Electric Brunch, The Classic Cafe, Top 40 Time Traveller, 80's On Cassette, Saturday Night Social, 90's Gone Wild, Music Notes.
A voice in the studio
In 1985, Dug began doing voice over work for clients (sending his first demos out on reel to reel!) In 1997 he became the voice of Global Television in Winnipeg, Canada with Canadian specialty channels “Deja View” and “Lonestar” following soon after. Twenty years later, he continues to provide a distinctive and reliable voice for TV and radio properties worldwide. He’s been a storyteller and narrator for award winning PBS documentaries, military history programs and descriptive audio presentations for museums and heritage sites.
The Producer
Dug began producing audio content from his home studio in 2000 as a way to customize his daily radio show. It soon became clear that the self produced audio had taken his radio show to a new level of creativity and listener appreciation. Dug now produces a wide array of audio content including; radio imaging, podcasts, multimedia audio, corporate presentations and radio specialty programming features. Reach out to Dug and ask him to show you what your ideas can sound like.
Dug Joy – Voice Over Professional
Gutsy, Affable, Enduring – a voice that gives your idea an identity