April without The Masters: golf’s surreal scenario

April without The Masters: golf’s surreal scenario

The Covid19 pandemic has changed everyday life in almost every way we function as a society.  That includes professional sporting events – or lack of them.

For the golfing world,  April without the Masters is like attending a concert by the Eagles, only to find out the band has decided NOT to perform Hotel California.  No mirrors on the ceiling.  No pink champagne on ice.

Or in this case, no azaleas and no green jacket.

Last year, when Tiger Woods rocked Augusta and pulled off the greatest comeback in the history of the sport,  I was knee deep in producing a golf podcast with my friend Dale – a fellow broadcaster and golf nut – called “Golf Addicts: tales from the tee box.”

Over the course of the year, we produced fifteen podcast episodes.  The podcast is unique.  It wasn’t two guys on a microphone talking about their passion for the game, or chatting about the PGA tour, or golf equipment.  Each episode can be best described as an “animated golf sitcom podcast.”

We wrote the scripts, voiced them as characters, and narrated the episodes in tandem.  Each episode was between 15 – 20 minutes in length, and was heavily produced with music and sound effects.  The result was a “cartoon like” podcast where we acted out real life situations we experienced on the golf course.

Hilarity ensued.

We were praised by many followers for its outstanding production value, quirkiness and originality.

The following is a special episode we wrote for The Masters:


If you’re missing golf and the tournament that’s described as “a tradition unlike any other” I hope this satisfies your golf pangs in some small way during this global crisis.

If you enjoy the episode and are hungry for more, you can find the rest of our wacky podcast episodes here:


Stay safe! Stay indoors!


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